Welcome to the official website of the electronic journal of STIKES Suaka Insan Banjarmasin. This website is a media publication of articles from the results of research activities and community services.
The electronic journal managed by STIKES Suaka Insan so far consists of two journals. The first is the Jurnal Keperawatan Suaka Insan (JKSI) and the second is the Jurnal Suaka Insan Mengabdi (JSIM). Both of these journals are managed specifically by the Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat (LPPM) of STIKES Suaka Insan in collaboration with the Biro Perencanaan Administrasi dan Sistem Informasi (BAPSI) of STIKES Suaka Insan for managing their electronic journal websites.

For more detailed information, please contact the LPPM via the contact address as follows:
The secretary of Jurnal Keperawatan Suaka Insan (JKSI)
Mail Address: Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan Ilmu Kesehatan Suaka Insan
Jalan Haji Zafri Zam Zam No 8 Banjarmasin
Telp & Fax : (0511) 3361654
Email: lppmstikessuakainsan@gmail.com
Personal Contact: Meisi R. Unja, S.Kep.Ners (0857-5140-0303)



    Jurnal Keperawatan Suaka Insan (JKSI) (e-ISSN : 2580-7633 and p-ISSN : 2527-5798) is a scientific publication journal that is published every six months (per one semester) using peer review method for article selection. JKSI is intended for practitioners, academics, professionals, students or the general public who are involved and interested in the development of Health Sciences and Nursing Sciences include training, education and practice. JKSI received relevant articles in the health and nursing fields, which included research articles, literature reviews and case studies.


    Journal Suaka Insan Mengabdi(JSIM) (e-ISSN 2656-5668) (P-ISSN 2657-0637) is a journal for publishing scientific articles as a result of community service. Scientific articles received and published by JSIM are articles from the implementation of community service of health or nursing that has not been loaded/published by other media. Each edition of the JSIM issue has 2 numbers, that is No.1 for the December-May period and No.2 for the June-November period. Published articles are certain to have passed the peer review stage by involving professional Journal Editorial Teams according to their fields.

    Management system applied in the Journal Suaka Insan Mengabdi (JSIM) is an attempt to publish quality scientific articles, so that it can be used as a basis for the development of science.