Focus and Scope

Jurnal Keperawatan Suaka Insan (JKSI) is a scientific publication forum to share updated information about nursing science and its practice. JKSI strives that what was echoed by the Pioneer of Modern Nursing, Florence Nightingale, more than a hundred years ago regarding research and publication activities to improve nursing services to those in need, can continue to be carried out until now.

JKSI is intended for practitioners, academics, professionals, students, or the public who are involved and interested in the development of Health Sciences and Nursing Sciences including training, education, and practice. In specifics:

Basic Nursing Science,

Specialization in nursing services:

  1. Medical Surgical Nursing and Adult Nursing Care (covering the systems in the human body, such as the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, etc).
  2. Maternity Nursing (Newborn and women’s health care),
  3. Pediatric Nursing,
  4. Family and Community Nursing,
  5. Geriatric Nursing,
  6. Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing,
  7. Nursing Management.

JKSI received relevant articles in the health and nursing fields, which included Original research (Research Article), Review Article or Concept analysis, Case Report/Case Study, and Brief Article or Feature Articles.