Author Guideline

Jurnal Suaka Insan Mengabdi (JSIM), with the ISSN Registration Number 2656-5668 (On-Line) is a publication journal for scientific articles as a result of Community Service activities, primarily from NURSES AND HEALTH-related disciplines.


For authors who want to publish the results of their service to their community, they can submit article manuscripts by following the JSIM Guidelines. The facilitator, LPPM STIKES Suaka Insan also hopes that the author can first read the JSIM Guidelines before deciding to write and send a manuscript to our editor. Manuscripts from community service activities must follow the Article Template that has been set by the manager and the Author must have filled in the Statement Sheet as the original proof of the article.

The publication of articles in JSIM was carried out with OJS (Open Journal System).

Every article that has been submitted can be REJECTED by the editor if:

  1. Article Writing is not following the guidelines
  2. There are indications of plagiarism.
  3. Not completing the administration set by the manager.


JSIM Guidelines

  1. Guidelines for JSIM Publication
  2. Article Templates
  3. Statement Sheet